Cross-cutting themes

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Across all our programmes, capacity building, collaboration, participation, advocacy, gender, disability, and the environment are of importance to the people and communities we work with.

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SOS Children's Community Programmes

SOS Children helps extremely vulnerable families to look after their own children within their own community.  Desperately poor communities and families often fail their children, through no fault of their own, and children are denied the basics of a safe, dignified childhood and the potential for a fulfilled life with decent life chances.

We understand that we make things better for children if we help communities and families to defeat poverty and the hardships and cycles of deprivation it brings.  We know that the best programmes are designed by participants, so we ensure that they are directly represented, from day one, in the design, implementation, monitoring and review of every activity we undertake.

Our global reach, resources, acknowledged best practice and knowhow help communities to design excellent programmes with immediate impact on the poorest of the poor and which strengthen families and communities for the long term.  We expect most of our programmes to be scalable.  If everyone agrees that the programme is successful, we can scale it up to support a wider community. We have an exit plan for participants so that they do not become permanently dependent on our support.

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Who we are

Working to protect and improve the lives of children.

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Why we do what we do

Breaking the cycle of poverty and despair.

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Managing risks

Ensuring commitment, teamwork, transparency and accountability.

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Our working partnerships

Building exceptional partnerships in every community.


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Getting it right

Making an impact on the most vulnerable communities.


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Speaking out

Giving a voice to children and families.