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Collaboration - we never work alone

woman and baby in groupWe link up with community committees and networks to amplify their strengths and intensify their focus and achievements.

We add our voice and skills to international networks; we work hard to spread news of best practice to the places where it is needed most.  Our membership of the Better Care Network allows us to share information, collaboration and research about caring for children who cannot be with their parents.

SOS Children is recognised internationally for its expertise in the alternative care of children. Our International Senate, in 2010, adopted the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children. We are the first organisation to implement the Guidelines and to advocate their application internationally.

Preventing cervical cancer

Every year thousands of children lose their mothers to cervical cancer. It is the most common cancer for women in Africa with 90% of sufferers also living with HIV. Through early detection this cancer is 100% preventable and SOS Children, together with the Female Cancer Foundation have launched the ‘Save my mother’ programme. The programme is designed to prevent and treat cervical cancer in communities across five countries: The Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and Zambia. The programme strongly involves the community as  volunteers and peer educators raise awareness in all the locations. The short term objectives of the 'Save my mother' project are to reach at least 400,000 women with the awareness campaigns and to screen more than 100,000 women. The long term goal is to influence decision makers in National Health Departments of the countries involved towards cervical cancer prevention programmes.