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Environment - finite resources in a changing world

sahel crisis waterClimate change is already making life harder for many of the poorest people in the world: weather patterns are unpredictable, flooding and drought are more frequent and increasingly severe.   SOS Children works to make families and communities more resilient in the face of such changes: they need to be able to withstand environmental shocks and they need to bounce back more easily when things improve.

Environmental sustainability is often at the heart of getting decent living conditions for vulnerable families: access to improved water and sanitation gives the chance of a healthy life instead of the constant risk of water-borne diseases and risk of death; decent homes are strong enough to withstand heavy rain and provide shelter in all weathers; improved farming and food production make families stronger, and offer the chance of sales and savings.

SOS Children often works on these basics: community action for sanitation; providing materials for housing repairs; seeds and technical support for increasing crop yields.  The environmental impact of every programme  is weighed up to ensure sustainability and to avoid long-term repercussions.