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Influencing opinion - showing the way and leading the debate

grandmother and children in gardenOur family strengthening programmes protect and promote rights and well-being for families.  With our support, children and families receive their rightful entitlement from government, local services and duty-bearers.  Our child-rights advocacy pushes for real improvement in life chances  for vulnerable children.

We try and convert our good experience into best practice and great policy.  We are a voice for children at every level: local, to national, to global.  Our advocacy translates the experiences of children, families and communities into arguments for better practice.  We push for policy change to improve standards, and decisions which make the best use of resources.

We understand the power of standing with others from community to international level: we strengthen the voices of our participants, we provide advocacy training to our local partners, and we join with other organisations to send out strong messages.  
As members of UNICEF’s NGO Committee, we support international coordination of the work of UNICEF and NGO’s so that everyone is able to do the very best for families and children.