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Participation - we can sort it out together

A woman and a child with a bookSOS Children has years of success in community strengthening activities.  We have learnt what works, and participation is at the heart of our success.  Our programmes are designed at the grassroots of communities.  Participants work in partnership with our local teams.  Community members know better than anyone else what will help – and who needs help the most.

Adults and children work out what their needs are, and tell us what SOS Children can do to help.  We listen carefully and our support makes long-term differences to very vulnerable people.  Before we start working in any area, we find out as much as we can about community needs.  We build links with community leaders, and we set up or strengthen community committees with their help.  Ordinary people join in our focus groups: women, men and children are all heard.  Programmes are designed in collaboration with all these people.  Fairness and transparency at every stage keep our communities with us all the way.