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Cross-cutting themes

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Across all our programmes, capacity building, collaboration, participation, advocacy, gender, disability, and the environment are of importance to the people and communities we work with.

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Our working partnerships: local services and solutions

Grace with beans ChipataSOS Children has decades of experience.  We are recognised for our expertise and quality programmes.  Our success is built on exceptional partnerships in every community in every country where we work.  We build strong relationships with ministries and departments responsible for social welfare, health, education, agriculture and community development.  We want to be part of the solution, not an additional burden to overstretched government teams.

Partnering with the best

Our local teams quickly identify:

  • Groups who share our values and aims
  • Partners whose work complements ours – we don’t want to reinvent the wheel, or duplicate services
  • Organisations with a good reputation for delivering to their promises, and sticking to their professed values and aims

We need partners at the community level who can gradually take full responsibility for the future of community members.  Community organisations often struggle to measure up to these standards: so we work with them to strengthen their commitment, teamwork, transparency and accountability.  Sometimes the partners we need don’t exist so then we work with community members to establish formal groups.

We work with our partners from day one: planning and developing programmes; identifying participants; consulting with community groups; delivering services; demonstrating transparency and accountability – and creating new partnerships as we go.

Local partnerships are key

  • We build relationships with the individuals, organisations and institutions best placed to provide services to programme participants and to advocate for their rights
  • We encourage and mobilise individuals, organisations and corporations to support programmes with material or financial resources

We like to think of our SOS Children team members as invisible: creating fruitful links within communities, providing know-how and kick-starting activities.  The community should feel they have done it themselves – when SOS Children steps away we want to leave a stronger, better resourced, community based capability for living well and achieving the full potential of all its members.

Working in partnership to improve livelihoods in the Chipata community

In Chipata, Zambia we are working with hundreds of households to help them improve their standards of living and build their capacities so that they can become economically independent.

From start to finish, our programmes in Chipata have been implemented in partnership with a number of organisations.  From the identification of the households most in need of help, access to education, provision of training, and delivery of medical care, our partnerships mean that we can ensure our programmes are not only rooted in the local community, but also provide quality care. Our partners have included; governmental departments such as the Ministry of Education, Department of Social Welfare and the Ministry of Agriculture; international non-governmental organisations such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army as well as local organisations the Zambia Prevention-Led Initiative and Corridors of Hope.