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Across all our programmes, capacity building, collaboration, participation, advocacy, gender, disability, and the environment are of importance to the people and communities we work with.

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Who we are

India FSP family At SOS Children, we have been working to protect and improve the lives of children for over 60 years.   Our reach is global.  SOS Children looks after children in 125 countries and territories around the world and our income in 2012 was €944 million.  We receive financial support from companies, trusts and foundations, governments, and individual donors.

We are recognised as experts in our approach to child protection, family strengthening and community engagement.

We work at grass roots community level from day one: we design and develop all our programmes in partnership with community members, based on pre-project surveys.  Independent evaluation of our work shows that we succeed in our objective to reach the poorest of the poor.

An independent report by Deloitte, carried out for SIDA (Sweden International Development Agency) found that in Malawi SOS Children’s “structures for beneficiary involvement in programme design are in place and we find them to be sophisticated and excellent. The Social Centre has a close relation and communicates regularly with beneficiaries, chiefs and the Village Development Committee. At micro- level, the organisation makes every effort to co-ordinate with government and other societal structures.”

SOS Children is an independent non-governmental social development organisation.  We work in countries and communities where we can contribute to development. As an organisation, we have developed, over 60 years, from an early focus on making homes for children without family support.  Increasingly we work to prevent children from losing family care.  Supporting and strengthening families and communities is a cost-effective intervention, ensuring that children can remain with their biological families in all but the most extreme circumstances.  Our community based family strengthening programmes represent a growing proportion of SOS Children’s work.

Our projects work.  Children go to school, families eat together twice a day, living and sanitation conditions improve.  Our work with communities and families has an immediate and long-lasting effect on children in their care.

An external evaluation of SOS Children’s work in Malawi for NORAD found that: "The introduction of community gardens is one of the outstanding contributions towards food security. Community gardens are managed by village development committee and the proceeds from the gardens are shared between community members."

Our Vision: what we want for the world’s children

Every child belongs to a family and grows with love, respect and security.

Our Mission: what we do

We share in the development of communities and respond to the social development needs of the most vulnerable people.

We strengthen families in order to prevent the abandonment of children.
We work with community members to provide education and health care, and respond to emergencies.

Our Values: what keeps us strong

Our core beliefs and attitudes on which our organisation has been built are the cornerstones of our success. These values of courage, commitment, trust, and accountability guide our actions, decisions, and relationships.

   we take action

We have challenged traditional methods of care and continue to pioneer innovative child-care approaches.

   we keep our promises

We are dedicated to helping generations of children have a better life. We do this by nurturing lasting relationships with the communities in which we are rooted, and with our donors an colleagues. We believe that by making a long term commitment we have a meaningful and sustainable impact.

   we believe in each other

We have respect for each other’s abilities and potential. In an atmosphere of trust we are inspired to share our experiences and learn from each other.

   we are reliable partners

Our greatest responsibility is guaranteeing the well-being of children by ensuring high standards of care. In doing this we are committed to using all funds and resources wisely, with respect and accountability.